for your Data Management

  • Free of charge interfaces to all common practice management and 
    hospital information systems (GDT, HL7)
  • All cardiovascular parameters in one software
  • Digital documentation in a variety of reports
  • Regular software updates free of charge

Customized patient reports: Never has a successful Hypertension Management been so easy! Screening, Diagnosticsand Follow-Up combined in a single software for an overall successful Hypertension Management. Use the versatile HMS with clear graphs for a sustainable and successful therapy!


IEM 's Hypertension Management Software
One software for all devices

Your Benefits

  • Fast & efficient medical decisions based on comprehensive summaries and graphs

  • Software simplification and adaptation to the workflows of everyday clinical practice

  • Compatibility with all common practice administration and hospital information systems (GDT)

  • Usable on various hardware through touch optimization

  • Free regular software updates in case of adjustments to operating systems

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          Thresholds for Children and Adolescents

          Make medical decisions instantly with blood pressure thresholds for children and adolescents by choice - Enabled by integrating four internationally recognized blood pressure thresholds with adjustable confidence intervals (90%, 95%, 99%). You can choose from the following references:

          • KiGGS study by the Robert Koch Institute -approved by the German Hypertension League 

          • Lurbe et al. Published in the Journal of Hypertension -approved by the “European Society of Hypertension”

          • Flynn et al. Published in the Journal of Hypertension - approved bythe American Heart Association & American College of Cardiology“ 

          • Wühl et al. Published in the Journal of Hypertension -approved by the “German Working Group on Pediatric Hypertension”

          Clear Patient Reports

          Optimize your patient management and patient communication with clear and easy to read patient reports. The patient report can be individually adapted to your daily practice routine, saved as a PDF, printed out or transferred to your patient management system if required.

          Odoo • Text und Bild

          All Parameters combined in One Software

          In addition to the standard parameters, you can add more hemodynamic parameters at any time through license upgrades.

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          Instructions for Use
          HMS 6.3:
          IFU_HMS CS 6.2_K38351306_20230313_Ver. 5.1_Multi.pdf

          HMS 6.4
          IFU_HMS CS 6.4_K38351306_20240513_Ver. 5.2_Multi.pdf

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