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Hypertension and its secondary diseases (heart disease, kidney failure, strokes, etc.) are the number one cause of death worldwide according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), with an anual mortality rate of 41 million. There are more than approx. 2 billion identified hypertensives globally, though the true figures are probably higher. There is also a need for action in helping uncontrolled hypertensives,primarily due to a lack of compliance or prescription of the wrong medication.

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Pharma & CRO

IEM focuses on exactly what is needed for successfully performing clinical studies. IEM’s key competencies include professional assistance in implementing technical solutions and ongoing support during clinical trials. In addition to effective project management hard- and software solutions can quickly be customized to meet individual study requirements.


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Your benefits:

  • Cardiovascular solutions specialist:

    • Long-term blood pressure measurement

    • Measurement of central blood pressure, pulse wave velocity, and haemodynamic parameters (for example heart minute volume, peripheral resistance) at home, in the office, and at any time of day.

    • Telemonitoring solutions for recording all vital parameters


  • Plug-and-play design

  • Study-specific hardware and software development

    Implementation of data interfaces

  • Stringent data security standards

  • Effective project management

  • Experienced partner with a global academic network and more than 1.300 academic publications